After 4 Sundance films, Butterflies is the next film selected for rent on YouTube.

One of the first feature films distributed on YouTube is the Youtube documentary film Butterflies.

The independent film from European filmmaker Ester Brym has finished its festival run last year graduating with a couple of awards and going on to make history as one of the first films being available for rent on YouTube.

Butterflies is feature film following the
lives of six young people that are prominent 'weblebrities' on a video
site YouTube. The film explores the new media, its power and its
future. Will the Internet overcome traditional media? Will new media
and traditional media merge? The film documents the struggles and
successes of characters Lisanova, Mr. Safety, Davedays, Boheme, Olgakay
and Xgobobeanx and others and their hopes to become the new 'virtual' celebrities.
The film exposes the viral video star stardom and road to fortune.

Watch the film now and see how filmmakers will distribute their works in the future.